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The iStudy App.

Referring to the topic of the first semester “Door and Gateway”, iStudy is a concept for a mobile application that aims to provide each user with an individual key to the Bauhaus-University and its campus. The application aims to assist the student in organising everyday life by offering mobile and location-based access to relevant information.

Designed for the iPhone, it employed the device’s basic in-built functionality such as maps, contacts, calendar, notes and camera. These were linked and combined to form an organisational environment tailored to the requirements of a typical student. iStudy consists of the five menu items: News, Dates, Notes, On-site and Campus. In addition to its basic functionality, that include time management, on-campus navigation and orientation as well as the management of personal and general study-related data and campus information, the application added a personal schedule as well as an augmented live video street-view.

iStudy‘s aimed to make campus information and study organisation available on-the-go while also connecting virtual information to real locations. iStudy is a master key – it combines the cosmos of the campus within a personal, mobile and at the same time location-based and inter-connected application.


TÜR UND TOR | Bauhaus-University Weimar | Winter 2008/2009 | Instructors: Prof. DI/ DD Bernd Rudolf, Prof. Dr. Jens Geelhaar, Prof. Ursula Damm