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Light Touch

Light Touch at Digital Shoreditch 2013.


Light Touch is an interactive audiovisual installation, which invites the visitors to explore sound through light and to create a soundscape through gestures and movement. The installation is site specific and redesigned in its physical layout as well as its aural characteristics according to the architecture and identity of each space. It features an array of multi-coloured lasers, sounds and haze. The lasers are mounted in various locations around a room to project across the space and create a three-dimensional pattern of light. Each laser colour represents a different set of sounds. Interrupting or playing a laser beam will trigger a sound. Playing multiple beams will create a melodious soundscape. Haze heightens the visibility of the lasers and contributes to the sensory experience of the visitors. Immersed in patterns of light and haze, the visitors can play Light Touch individually or in a group.

Using light sensors, hacked laser beams, an Arduino mega board, MAX/MSP and Ableton Live, the installation creates an environment that empowers collaborative music making and spatial exploration. It is designed for a broad audience and is accessible for everyone. No musical knowledge is required to participate. The particular interest of the design is to facilitate a musical experience by exploration of space and light rather than traditional interactions involving strings and air and that is also enjoyable without musical training.

Light Touch was commissioned by Digital Shoreditch as part of The Great Digital Exhibit in Shoreditch Town Hall, May 2013. It was exhibited at the 10th International Symposium on Computer Music Multidisciplinary Research (CMMR) in Marseille in October 2013.



Laurel Pardue, Nela Brown, Katja Knecht, Patricia Carlota