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Time (space)² time

Mapping of the temporal flow of space.


Time (space)² time was developed in the production class “Media Landscapes” at the University at Buffalo in Autumn 2009. It was influenced by ideas outlined in Kevin Lynch’s book “What time is this place?” in regard to the relationship between time and place as well as the distinction between outer and inner time. 

In particular, I explored the potential of his idea of “a world in which external time were paced to fit subjective time […] where events speeded up or slowed down as desired” [Kevin Lynch. What time is this place? Massachusetts Institute of Technology, 1988]. Based on my personal perception of events I tried to find a way of how to depict time and events beyond conventional representations. A theoretical model of time-space and a representation of places in time evolved.

The general aim of the project, however, was to create a new kind of interface that is time- and place-related and that takes the subjective perception of time and place into account. It was envisaged to being tuned to the rhythmic repetition of daily interactions as well as their alterations in space. The interface concept was developed for interactive, mobile devices.


MEDIA LANDSCAPES | University at Buffalo | Fall 2009 | Instructor: Teri Rueb