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Reactive Fan Installation

Reactive fan installation - prototype.


In the scope of the second project for the Interactive Digital Media Technology module, my aim was to create a reactive installation using discarded pc fans. The fans translate abstract information into physical movement, the movement of spinning. The idea for this installation sprang from my interest in mechanical displays, installations or façades made of physical objects. Among others, this project was inspired by the physical quality and presence, the simplicity as well as the ornamental quality of projects such as the mirrors created by Daniel Rozin and the façade of the Institut du Monde Arabe by Jean Nouvel.

The fans run in two modes: First, they react to its direct environment, creating a soft breeze that follows the passers-by’s movements. Second, the fans display algorithmically produced patterns thus creating an always changing ornament.

Interactive Digital Multimedia Techniques | Queen Mary University of London | Autumn 2012 | Instructor: Dr. Andrew McPherson | TAs: Christian Heinrichs, Evan Morgan

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